Read more about how we are joining the effort to mobilize Ugandan churches for cross-cultural missions in Uganda and around the world.

Read more about how we work with churches to equip leaders who are discipling groups to build up faith and reach their communities.

Read more about how we are working to help girls stay in school and grow in confidence and dignity.

Read more about how we are working to nurture children to Christian maturity.

Read more about how we work with student fellowships in secondary schools to deepen faith in Christ.

Read more about how we support the Diocese of Kitgum in working towards healthier communities.

​No follower of Jesus should ever work alone in God's vineyard.

Emmanuel International Uganda works alongside local churches from various denominations to bring health, hope, and healing to their communities, and a vision to reach the nations.

We also join hands with other like-minded ministries. Some of these have included Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College, Bishop Lee Rayfield Leadership Training Centre, The Frontier Mission Team, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Lamplighter Ministries, and the Diocese of Kitgum Anglican Youth Fellowship.

We would also like to thank those who have assisted us along the way, including AIM, LuoFM, Global Link Afrika, School of Missions and Prayer, and The Sheepfold Ministries in Kenya.

Finally, our work is supported by the prayers and financial gifts of churches and believers like you around the world!

We give thanks to God for every hand and heart that has supported and will support the work of Emmanuel International Uganda.